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[The morning of March 30th]

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Princess Zelda,

I am aware that you will be suspicious of this note since it is unsigned. I apologize for that, but secrecy is needed at this moment. I ask that you do not involve outside people with what I am about to discuss here since it will put both myself and several other people in danger.

Ryoji Mochizuki, as you may have seen, attempted to reveal information on the network. Ganondorf prevented him from revealing as much information as he could. In addition, he performed some magic that split part of his shadow off and attached it to Ryoji's.

I believe that this bit of shadow is tracking whom he's with and perhaps what is said. I do not have confirmation of this, but it is what I would expect something like that to do. As you are more familiar with Ganondorf than I am, I ask you if there is any way to free him from this spell.

I would advise you to not approach him until you are ready to break the spell due to the previously-mentioned likely effects of the spell. However, I do believe you are one of the best people to help him. It would be beneficial if he were under some form of protection, I think. He does not seem comfortable at all under Ganondorf's orders, and I suspect he truly does wish to help you.

Should you need assurance of this letter's truth, I ask that you take it to Enoch. Both the handwriting and the characters this is written in will be familiar to him, and he can assure you of the truth of my intentions here.

Should you need to approach Ryoji before you contact him in person, his mailbox is 0602.