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a note

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Please be careful when you send letters through the suggestion box. I'll next be in charge in March. I will do what I can then.

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gift and note

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[Dried and pressed borage and common broom nestled on top of fresh oak leaves.

There's a folded note standing upright before the flowers, written in immaculate cursive.]

Borage: Courage.
Broom: Humility.
Oak: Strength.

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear.

-Arthur Kirkland
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received on the morning of the 28th of February

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If you have received this, then I am dead. I can't be sure if you have all been made aware of it yet. You expressed a desire to help me, and I did appreciate that offer. I have gathered information about this place and sought to act to put a stop to everything myself, but apparently I have failed.

I have placed this information somewhere safe in the administrative levels. Do not be hasty, but at some point please act to find this information. It will be within places only I can access, and has security as a necessity, to keep the others out, so please be careful and do not act alone.

Burn this letter, but please spread the information around. Do not use the network to pass this information on, speak of it only in person and never within range of any of the worker or retrieval units. The bathrooms and sauna levels are the safest, but as long as you are quiet and not too near the walls you should be safe.

Thank you for your offer of help. I regret I was not able to help all of you.

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Delivered on the morning of March 25th

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I was told that you, too, had received a certain letter. I believe we should organize a meeting between all of us who have. To my knowledge there are three of us.

In two days' time, that is, on the 27th day of this month (as I realize there is often a delay), we should meet at the mixed sauna on the level immediately below this mailroom an hour after the cafeteria stops serving the midday meal. I advise you to bring no more than three companions, as we need to keep the discussion of a manageable size.

I appreciate your leadership and your courage, and am glad to know I am not the only one who turned to the inside for help. Let us honor Dax's last wishes together.

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[The morning of March 30th]

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Princess Zelda,

I am aware that you will be suspicious of this note since it is unsigned. I apologize for that, but secrecy is needed at this moment. I ask that you do not involve outside people with what I am about to discuss here since it will put both myself and several other people in danger.

Ryoji Mochizuki, as you may have seen, attempted to reveal information on the network. Ganondorf prevented him from revealing as much information as he could. In addition, he performed some magic that split part of his shadow off and attached it to Ryoji's.

I believe that this bit of shadow is tracking whom he's with and perhaps what is said. I do not have confirmation of this, but it is what I would expect something like that to do. As you are more familiar with Ganondorf than I am, I ask you if there is any way to free him from this spell.

I would advise you to not approach him until you are ready to break the spell due to the previously-mentioned likely effects of the spell. However, I do believe you are one of the best people to help him. It would be beneficial if he were under some form of protection, I think. He does not seem comfortable at all under Ganondorf's orders, and I suspect he truly does wish to help you.

Should you need assurance of this letter's truth, I ask that you take it to Enoch. Both the handwriting and the characters this is written in will be familiar to him, and he can assure you of the truth of my intentions here.

Should you need to approach Ryoji before you contact him in person, his mailbox is 0602.
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[A snowglobe of Hyrule Castle, sans the snow.

Since it's a snowglobe, it's underwater, of course.]
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Late on the 7th

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[Zelda will find a large package of chocobo and rabbit meat, along with a package of herbs and plenty of vegetables.]

It's safe to eat. If you need help preparing it, I know of someone who could help.

Saber of White
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A note; Saturday morning

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Your Highness.

I know you don't remember much of what we spoke about... And I'm sorry.

But I'd like to talk to you in person, if I could. I feel I owe you a great deal after all that's happened.

-Guy Cecil
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Now that the immediate fallout is over

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I know I haven't been a lot of help since everything started, and especially since that last big meeting, but I want to change that now. I can't just wait and hope for things to get better anymore.

If there's anything I can do let me know. My room is 1-01 if you need to talk to me, or since I know there's been a lot more units lately, my mailbox is number 0014.

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[Zelda will find a small amount of venison and well-preserved fish in a carefully packaged box with assorted veggies in another when she checks her mailbox. There's a note attached.]

I know it may be still hard to trust me, and I know I earned that mistrust, but if there's ever anything I can do, let me know. They seem to know anyway with the stalkers I've seen lately, but I guess they don't realize it's another day in the life of my circle of friends.

The food is safe, and feel free to use it as you see fit.

Narukami Yu
Mailbox 0035
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[Zelda will find the box from her adventures in the administrative levels of the Tower has been delivered to her mailbox on May 1st. Attached to the front is a sticky note:]

Hey, make sure you open this in the bathroom or something, okay? Somewhere they can't look! Remember, the sauna is being watched right now!

Good luck!
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[Zelda will receive a package on May 3rd. It's badly wrapped and has an obnoxious amount of tape on it, like someone got fed up with trying to wrap it.

You got a Joy Pendant!

There's a note with it:

"It's a joy pendant. They're said to flock to those who spread joy, like butterflies to nectar-filled blossoms."]
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If you could meet me again in the men's bathroom at your soonest convenience, it would be much appreciated. I would suggest bringing your disguise. I doubt that what I have to tell you is a well-kept secret, but I would rather not take any chances.

I would also like to extend an apology regarding our conversation the day of the glamour failure. I was not in any place to be conducting a civil exchange.

Arthur Kirkland
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[There's a hairpin here - it's something Feferi started working on in May, and finished a little too late to get there before the glamour failure.]

I never once lost an ounce of faith in you. This is part of a set, and its other half? You'll see it around the green in my hair.

Thank you for everything. It means more than words.
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[There are only two things written on an otherwise blank sheet of paper: a single line of text in the middle and a two-word prompt in the bottom right corner.]

What do you get when you cross a sheep and a porcupine?
(Turn over -->)

[The little arrow compels you! Do it, do it!]

Nobody knows, but whatever it is, it knits its own sweaters!

If you ever find yourself questioning whether or not you're doing the right thing, stop. Because you are and you always have been, Zelda. Even if people don't agree with it, you've done everything with people's best interests at heart. And frankly, that's admirable. None of us really deserve someone as good as you on our side, but hell if I am going to complain about that.

You're a true hero, Zelda, completely worthy of the title of Legend that you have in my world. Nobody knows what's going to happen from here, but I am sticking to whatever you think is the right thing to do. My allegiance lies with you and it always will, for better or worse. Though I have no doubt that it will be "for better". Like there's basically no way that it can't be.

I don't mean for this to put any pressure on you though. I really hope I haven't stressed you out because that is the very last thing I want. You have your followers, people to support you in case you ever falter, which even the best and strongest leaders do. The situation is pretty heavy after all, it's dangerous to try and carry it all alone. But you probably already knew that, so I'm just preaching to the choir here.

I've sent out quite a few of these notes now. And the main purpose of all of them was to tell people not to give up. But I know it will be a cold day in Hell before Princess Zelda of all people gives up and lets the tower win. So I feel like I can safely skip that part with you. Instead, I can promise you that I won't give up, no matter how much darker it gets from here. And if I have my way, nobody else will either. So I guess, since I can skip on that, I will just end this on one, single point.

Don't forget how to smile. :)

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Morning of the 13th

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[There's a small, very neatly written note folded and tucked into Zelda's mailbox.]


This might not be the best time, but considering the size that the organization has reached, it might be time to talk about some logistics to take the pressure off of you. In addition, I think we should go over some tactics.

Contact me when you're willing to discuss these things in person.

- Naoya
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Delivered on the morning of July 4th.]

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Dear Zelda,

I've been meaning to talk to you about a few concerns I've been having, so if you don't mind, could we meet up somewhere to discuss them? A friend of mine has been having some doubts too, so if we could talk about those so that I could help him out, that would be nice. The library might be a bit too small, but how about the twenty-fifth floor? I can give Ivan the slip and meet you there whenever you want.

Just don't ignore this note please. We really need to talk.


Tohko Amano, the book girl.
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It's alright! Better late then never! ^^;

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Dear Zelda,

Well..your Masked Ball was a good idea to try and get people informed, but you didn't tell me, and it looked like you invited people that had no idea what was going on or why. I've told you this before, but I'll write it here again for you-you're not alone. If you didn't tell Enoch and I, then you should have. We're here to help! And inviting people that we didn't know and ones that didn't know was happening probably wasn't the best idea.

As for my friend, it's not exactly your leadership here..he's had a bad experience in the past, and he's worried about being betrayed again. Zelda..could you tell me some of your story? Just a little so that I can reassure him? He's a dear friend of mine, so I hope you will.


Tohko Amano, the book girl.
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And again, it's okay! :3

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Dear Zelda,

That's alright, and I'm glad to hear that you trust Enoch and I..but even if we didn't have much time, we would have found a way to help you out, if you told us. I'm always in the library, and ditching Ivan is a pain, but it's not hard. And preparation is always nice..but if you invite the wrong people or people who aren't involved or trustworthy, that sort of prep will get to you. But hopefully you've learned from that mistake!

And don't worry about telling me a salt-filled story. Even if it's painful and makes me cry, I still want to hear it, both for me and my friend. I've had a few run-ins with Ganon before. He's not a pleasant person, even if he is usually true to his word when he's threatening people.

I am sorry that you and Link failed though. Those seven years must have been horrible. Did Link ever manage to return? And how did he vanish in the first place?


Tohko Amano, the book girl.
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[When Zelda opens her mailbox, a torrent of water will come rushing out - seawater, tainted with blood.

Floating in the water is a package wrapped in Sheikah bindings and stamped with their symbol. Unraveling the bindings will first reveal a certain hero's gloves, also stained in blood; continuing on will reveal the crown of Hyrule, shattered into pieces.]
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Dear Zelda,

I've heard of The Master Sword before from Tetra..but while it's nice that the sword was trying to avoid having children use it, if you both were actively fighting against Ganon at that age, I probably just made things worse for you and everyone else with all the waiting. I'm sure the land and people suffered, and I know from books that young children can wield swords and be courageous if they have a goal in mind. You two certainly did.

However, it's good that Ganon is sealed. I do have one question though that's a bit unrelated to do the floods tie in with your world? Or is Tetra from a different timeline?


Tohko Amano, the book girl.
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Dear Zelda,

The stories I am speaking of are not wholly idyllic or kind. I'm sure Wataru and Mitsuru would be pretty annoyed if someone called their journey wholly kind, beautiful, or childlike. They had to face a lot. Murder, fate, and destruction of whole countries. They had different circumstances than you and Link..but Wataru was still able to complete a lot because he was brave and kept going, even though he was young.

..I'm just unsure as to why that was a specific rule of the sword, that's all. And I'm sure that you probably don't know the answer to that question either. And who can say that a world where Link didn't have to sleep would be perfect? No world is ever perfect. Nor is any person.

It's fine if you don't want to talk anymore about your past. However, if Tetra is your descendent, I'm guessing that the seals broke and that the Goddesses took action.


Tohko Amano, the book girl
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letter (I am terribly sorry)

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Miss Zelda

I recently received an orc head with smiley faces on it.

Is it okay if I mount that?

Edited 2013-09-12 20:58 (UTC)
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Would the workshop be okay?

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[A letter addressed to both Zelda and Ruler, since Arturia knows Zelda reads Ruler's mail for her.]

Thank you for being such good allies. I apologize for my selfishness over the last few weeks. It will not happen again and I am now ready to stand by your sides once more in defending the people of the Tower.
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It's probably not what you want to hear, but it's going to get worse before it gets better. Delegate more. You got a support network. Use it. Nobody wants to see you down, least of all the people who've left, and I got six months personal experience saying that. They aren't the lost ones, they're the ones that went home. Now isn't the time to worry about who stays and who goes, or what's right or wrong. Leave that to me.

[Enclosed is a small diamond-shaped pin with faint etchings on it- like the one Xion and Shion wears. Also a copy of this:]

The Spirit of the Turks

Complete the mission

Guard your comrades

Uphold the ideals

Protect the people

Keep the secrets

Learn the truth

Die with honor

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[A small note, immaculately written and folded in neat thirds, finds itself in Zelda's mailbox on the 15th of October. It reads: ]

Princess Zelda,

I talked with Enoch recently about helping with the organization you two are involved in. He said that I should contact you about joining.

[You know the one. Rick's decided that saying anything more specific might get them all in trouble, so he's trying to be vague--which he's never been very good at doing intentionally.]

I don't have any specific skills that I can offer, but if there's anything I can do, I'll do my best to find a way. I want to help. If your mission is still what I think it is, I want to help more than anything.


Patrick Dawn
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[Addressed to both Ruler and Zelda, as Arturia knows Zelda will read it for her.]

Zelda, Ruler,

There is a being here from one of the Grail Wars I participated in. This man is a madman who has tortured and mutilated children for his black magic. I managed to defeat him in the Grail War, but that was when I had my other sword and was a proper Servant: neither of which I can claim here.

He thinks I am Jeanne D'arc, la Pucelle d'Orléans, despite my protests and the fact she was born nearly a millenia after I. He is a complete madman and must be stopped. If you see a man with bulging eyes, do your best to subdue him. He claims he has met another Jeanne here and I am trying to find that person. I know not if she is Jeanne or another he has deluded himself into believing is her, but she needs to be found before he begins to make 'sacrifices' in 'her' name.

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backdated to the 14th

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[France's letter is written in shaky cursive, but he seems to have taken extra care in spelling out Zelda's name.]

Fair Princess Zelda,

Thank you for helping my saint. She has a heart too big for her own chest. I am sure your friendship has brought her much happiness.

I would like to make a request.

Please make sure that she does not do anything reckless for my sake. I cannot control everything that she does, but if there is a choice between getting hurt and letting one of my only remaining citizens come to harm, I would rather take the blow.

Forgive me for asking this of you, but you two seem very close. I do not know what else to do.

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[this note is in lots of colourful crayons, in handwriting which is childish but neat.]

deer everyone

i am riting a book on all the heros of the tower so that no one gets forgotted. but i dont know everyone and i dont want anyone to be missed out

so if you would like to can you please say who you fink is the best hero you know and what makes them a hero

you can do more than one name if you want

please send yore answers to romeo

or to room number two on floor one

thank you


[There are pictures at the end of smiling faces]
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[Letter posted on her door]

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I sent a letter to Enoch about gathering and stocking the kitchen on floor 60. Boils down to I want to staff an alternate source for food in the Tower that isn't the cafeteria or restaurant.

We've been working in the kitchen for a few months now and have a pretty good system set up. Trouble is, the people who do the most also have several other jobs to do, and we're low on man power. I gave Enoch a list of the skill sets we need. Just having people to do the smaller tasks would help, but with a routine it'll get easier. I'm hoping to open the kitchen up for residents this month.

I forgot to ask in Enoch's letter if anyone was interested in helping Xion out with her clothing mission too.

If you're interested, leave a note on my door.

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Reno has asked me to gather people from among our number who can hunt, gather, cook, preserve food, or move game. Contact him by putting a note on the door of or inside 1-04 if you're interested. Don't worry about notifying the rest of the group; I won't have the energy to climb stairs for some hours, so I will write the letters to the others myself while I wait for my strength to return.

midgarhorizon: ((Fanart) Smirk)

[on her door]

[personal profile] midgarhorizon 2014-02-05 11:30 pm (UTC)(link)

Don't worry about it. I don't expect anyone that's been downstairs to volunteer, you need to recover. I hate even asking you right now to check around, but can't be helped. A lot of us stayed behind because we figured something like this would happen, so don't worry. We'll take care of the heavy lifting.

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carefully folded bit of paper

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[Link's handwriting is a scrawl of New Hylian. Though his characters are anything but refined, it's obvious that he's taken a great deal of care in writing this.]

Dear Zelda,

Thank you for writing to me. But you shouldn't feel bad about what's happened. Don't let it bother you so much. It was not your fault that Ganondorf came back. Tetra and I fixed it. And none of us could have guessed everything that happened afterward.

I hope me an Tetra can be as wise and thoughtful as you someday. It was kind of weird to get here and see how much she had changed because of you, but I'm sure that she's going to be a wonderful queen. Thank you for being with her. And for being so strong for everyone.

I'll miss you, when we're all safe again. But I guess you're still kind of there, right?

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letter and package

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[It's a small box, wrapped in simple brown paper and tied with a purple ribbon. Within it are the delicate remains of pressed Canterbury bells, scattered over top of what is most definitely an ocarina. It's wooden and painted a rich, dark green. The craftsmanship is not flawless, but it is decent; it makes sound if blown into, at least. Cradling the ocarina is a white handkerchief embroidered with a red cross, which is made much more skilfully than the little wooden instrument.

The handwriting of the letter is familiar, and meticulous as ever.]


Perhaps it is cruel. But if that is the case, then I must be of a truly wicked nature, for my own gratitude is certainly of no insignificant measure.

It is true that I have lived a rather long time and have seen many people come and go. However, though their time with me is often so comparatively brief, I keep close the people who have cared for me. Often, it is in times of war and great strife that a nation needs those people the most.

Two years is not a long time, but nations would fall in that time if not for people like you. Hyrule is very fortunate to have you, as am I. Truthfully, I would not wish to imagine a life here without you.

On the cloth is an approximation of the flag of my country. Though it will fade as the glamour does, I wish you to know that I will always consider you under my protection as I would one of my own people.

As for the second gift, I expect you know what it is. I hope you are able to find use for it.

Thank you sincerely for your kind words and your companionship. I shall not be forgetting you, either.

Yours truly,
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note, delivered the morning of June 1st

[personal profile] animusnpcs 2014-06-01 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
when you kill a traitor you'll find it's hard to breathe
with flesh under your nails and hair between your teeth

[The poem is written in blood.]
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[personal profile] animusnpcs 2014-06-04 05:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[Zelda receives a paper that appears to have been dipped in fresh blood and then dipped again in something black and sticky. She will receive no further response.]