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carefully folded bit of paper

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[Link's handwriting is a scrawl of New Hylian. Though his characters are anything but refined, it's obvious that he's taken a great deal of care in writing this.]

Dear Zelda,

Thank you for writing to me. But you shouldn't feel bad about what's happened. Don't let it bother you so much. It was not your fault that Ganondorf came back. Tetra and I fixed it. And none of us could have guessed everything that happened afterward.

I hope me an Tetra can be as wise and thoughtful as you someday. It was kind of weird to get here and see how much she had changed because of you, but I'm sure that she's going to be a wonderful queen. Thank you for being with her. And for being so strong for everyone.

I'll miss you, when we're all safe again. But I guess you're still kind of there, right?