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Trunk contents - Tower of Animus

Trunk post-Monstro's Revenge
      x3 outfits
      x1 Sheikah disguise
      x1 Bunny Hood (gift from MM!Link) (given to America)
      x1 book of Hyrulean legends

Items on Zelda's person during Monstro's Revenge
      x1 outfit
      x1 Ocarina of Time
      x1 Royal Family Harp
      x1 Narya, Ring of Fire (gift from Gandalf)

Gifts post-Monstro's revenge
      x1 Mask of Truth (gift from MM!Link)
      x1 Mirror Shield (gift from MM!Link)
      x3 bottles, one containing a fairy (used on FemLink during Shadow Event), one containing a blue potion, and one containing Chateau Romani (gift from MM!Link)
      x1 Stroke of Midnight Keychain (gift from Ventus)
      x1 fancy duvet (regain)
      x2 pouches of 40 Deku Nuts (regains)
      x1 elven long knife, roughly 22" in length (gift from Legolas) (second knife was ruined during the massive infiltration)
      x1 pirate coat, worn (gift from Tetra)
      x1 Joy Pendant (gift from Tetra)
      x1 floral hairpin (gift from Feferi)
      x1 box of microchips ("gift" from Dax and R-037)
      x1 gas mask ("gift" from R-037)
      x1 bottle of red potion (regain)
      x1 Turk pin (gift from Reno)
      x1 painted map of Hyrule (regain)