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of contracts and indulgences

Characters: Zelda and Ruler; Zelda and England (and maybe Ruler again)
Setting: Floor 101; Cafeteria
Format: Action
Summary: Zelda and Ruler forge a contract, and Zelda prepares for June with liquid courage.
Warnings: Second-hand embarrassment for Zelda and England, whoops.

["Ruler and Richtofen serve under Ganondorf the true king of Animus."

It was a rumor - mere writing on the wall - and obviously, unlike the myriad of other strange occurrences that happened the past week, it didn't come true. But the fear of it, the idea of Ganondorf controlling Ruler and using her friend against her was enough to make Zelda think much more seriously about the contract idea Arturia had suggested that fateful night.

She doesn't know much about Servants and Masters and the war they fight in. But she does know that she has no interest in this "Holy Grail" - she knows better than to rely on nigh-omnipotent wish granting artifacts in order to achieve her goals. What she does want is to keep Ruler safe, and if she understands Ruler's role in the war correctly, then her non-interest in the Grail shouldn't be a problem. If anything, maybe she could even help Ruler prevent the others from fighting for it while in the Tower, or at least ensure innocents are kept out of any battles.

After asking her friend to meet her on the 101st floor (a quiet, peaceful place - something she is in dire need of after the chaos those rumors created), she waits, admiring the greenery and keeping her thoughts to herself.]

[Zelda thinks too much.

It's apt, in a way. She is of Wisdom, after all. The virtue she embodies is of the mind - not of the heart and willpower like Courage or pure strength like Power. She is of law and knowledge and cleverness, and keeping a clear head is necessary in nearly all the things she does.

That doesn't mean it isn't tiring. Especially when she's had so much to think about lately.

Dax, R-037, the microchips, what they'll do, how they'll do it, keeping them secret, keeping the people suddenly under her command (if you can call it that) safe, the destroyed books in the library, the fear of Ganondorf using Ruler against her, the things Link said while under the Tower's thrall...

Goddesses, the things Link said. Completely ridiculous, all of it.

... Right?

Augh, thoughts like this are why she's decided to let go and do something undoubtedly stupid just this once. She's indulging in the alcohol that's been offered in the cafeteria. It's there, it probably won't be next month, so may as well take advantage of it, right? Anything to soothe her nerves, if only for a little while. So she sits off to the side, opened wine bottle on the table and filled wine glass in her hand, idly sipping at the pinkish liquid and waiting for her mind to quiet.]
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[As always, Ruler doesn't dawdle when it comes to important matters. There was really no point in holding this off any longer; something was coming, something big... and this could help. A lot. So she moves through the hanging gardens, admiring the beauty but not stopping until she spots her friend.]

I apologize if I kept you waiting for long, Zelda.
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[Oh yes, she knew that name. Not that she had run into Ganondorf or any of his allies in the tower before, but Ruler could still recall that strange event so soon after she arrived in the tower, when she had experienced the dreams of others within the tower...

So hearing what had been written on the wall make her stomach turn. The thought of serving someone like that, someone who would use her to hurt someone so dear to her... no. She'd rather not think about that. There's been enough on her mind as it is.]

While I doubt that our captors will ever be so... uncreative and repeat one of their experiments... I will not dismiss the concern that something of that nature might happen again.

Arturia had brought up several fine points. I agreed with some of them. My reservations now are simply because... well. [She, too, takes a steadying breath.] You are a very dear friend to me, Zelda. If something were to happen to you because of this possible contract between us, I could never forgive myself.
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[She nods.] Yes, that is correct. I apologize if I made it seem like I was worried that I would actually have to fight in this war; I meant no such thing. I knew you wouldn't force me to go against my duty. [A small smile crosses her face, but it doesn't last long.] I worry because my role is not always consistent with other Grail Wars, and so some might see me as an obstacle. And the easiest way to remove a Servant that has become an obstacle is to kill their Master.

[There's a pause. In some ways, Zelda is remarkably like herself - once she sets her mind to something, it doesn't seem like anything will be able to turn her away from that goal. So as much as Ruler's own stubbornness urged her to continue arguing against this whole idea... maybe this was one battle she could stand to lose.]

... But, after hearing all that I and Arturia have been able to tell you, if you truly wish to go through with this... [Her smile returns, and in a flash of light, her casual clothes are once more replaced by her shining silver armor.] I will be happy to form a contract with you, my dear friend.
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[Ruler can't help but laugh at Zelda's reaction. It was rare for her to see her friend excited like that, so it warmed her heart a little to know that she had been able to bring that reaction out of the princess.]

It depends. Would you like to proceed through the contract as quickly as possible, or would you prefer something a bit more proper? Either way is perfectly fine, and will not affect the pact in any way.
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It's quite simple, really. [She leans over, pulling out a small scrap of paper from her boot, and offers it to Zelda. On it is written a few short verses in neat writing.]

I... asked Arturia to write this out for me, shortly after our first discussion. In case we ever came to agreement. All you need to do is recite this incantation; when I agree, the contract will be formed.
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I accept this pact under the name of Ruler.

[The Servant drops to one knee, head bowed, a clenched fist resting over her heart. The perfect image of a knight bowing before a princess.]

I recognize you, Zelda, as my Master.

[If this had been a proper summoning, the one involving bringing her straight from the Throne of Heroes into the modern world, then yes, there would have been a grand light show as the summoning circle that would have been prepared activated and gave form to her spirit.

But this is different, so no flashing lights. Just a strange swirl of power around the two of them, and the odd tugging feeling in both their chests as they're spiritually bound together. And, of course, the pain at the back of Zelda's hand as three bright red command seals appear carved into her skin.]
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[Ruler stands and approaches Zelda once more, a curious smile crossing her face as she examines the new marks on the princess's hand. It figures that the Command Seals bestowed on Zelda were as graceful as she was.]

Yes, this is a necessary part of our contract. The red markings are your Command Seals, used to issue three orders of which I must obey. [There's no uncertainty in her voice as she speaks, like the thought of being ordered around doesn't bother her at all.]

They can be used in other ways as well, such as ordering me to your side in a time of danger when I am too far away to hear your call - and I will be transported to you in an instant - or to give me strength when fighting a difficult opponent.
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And believe me when I say that I trust that promise. You are far from the sort that would try to take advantage of this situation, so there was no doubt in my mind that you would use them on something other than the most dire of circumstances.