faithstaynight: (pic#4133156)
Ruler || Jeanne D'Arc ([personal profile] faithstaynight) wrote in [personal profile] sageprincess 2013-06-12 04:12 am (UTC)

I accept this pact under the name of Ruler.

[The Servant drops to one knee, head bowed, a clenched fist resting over her heart. The perfect image of a knight bowing before a princess.]

I recognize you, Zelda, as my Master.

[If this had been a proper summoning, the one involving bringing her straight from the Throne of Heroes into the modern world, then yes, there would have been a grand light show as the summoning circle that would have been prepared activated and gave form to her spirit.

But this is different, so no flashing lights. Just a strange swirl of power around the two of them, and the odd tugging feeling in both their chests as they're spiritually bound together. And, of course, the pain at the back of Zelda's hand as three bright red command seals appear carved into her skin.]

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