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Ruler || Jeanne D'Arc ([personal profile] faithstaynight) wrote in [personal profile] sageprincess 2013-06-01 06:11 am (UTC)

[She nods.] Yes, that is correct. I apologize if I made it seem like I was worried that I would actually have to fight in this war; I meant no such thing. I knew you wouldn't force me to go against my duty. [A small smile crosses her face, but it doesn't last long.] I worry because my role is not always consistent with other Grail Wars, and so some might see me as an obstacle. And the easiest way to remove a Servant that has become an obstacle is to kill their Master.

[There's a pause. In some ways, Zelda is remarkably like herself - once she sets her mind to something, it doesn't seem like anything will be able to turn her away from that goal. So as much as Ruler's own stubbornness urged her to continue arguing against this whole idea... maybe this was one battle she could stand to lose.]

... But, after hearing all that I and Arturia have been able to tell you, if you truly wish to go through with this... [Her smile returns, and in a flash of light, her casual clothes are once more replaced by her shining silver armor.] I will be happy to form a contract with you, my dear friend.

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