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[Addressed to both Ruler and Zelda, as Arturia knows Zelda will read it for her.]

Zelda, Ruler,

There is a being here from one of the Grail Wars I participated in. This man is a madman who has tortured and mutilated children for his black magic. I managed to defeat him in the Grail War, but that was when I had my other sword and was a proper Servant: neither of which I can claim here.

He thinks I am Jeanne D'arc, la Pucelle d'Orléans, despite my protests and the fact she was born nearly a millenia after I. He is a complete madman and must be stopped. If you see a man with bulging eyes, do your best to subdue him. He claims he has met another Jeanne here and I am trying to find that person. I know not if she is Jeanne or another he has deluded himself into believing is her, but she needs to be found before he begins to make 'sacrifices' in 'her' name.