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Dear Zelda,

The stories I am speaking of are not wholly idyllic or kind. I'm sure Wataru and Mitsuru would be pretty annoyed if someone called their journey wholly kind, beautiful, or childlike. They had to face a lot. Murder, fate, and destruction of whole countries. They had different circumstances than you and Link..but Wataru was still able to complete a lot because he was brave and kept going, even though he was young.

..I'm just unsure as to why that was a specific rule of the sword, that's all. And I'm sure that you probably don't know the answer to that question either. And who can say that a world where Link didn't have to sleep would be perfect? No world is ever perfect. Nor is any person.

It's fine if you don't want to talk anymore about your past. However, if Tetra is your descendent, I'm guessing that the seals broke and that the Goddesses took action.


Tohko Amano, the book girl