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letter and package

[It's a small box, wrapped in simple brown paper and tied with a purple ribbon. Within it are the delicate remains of pressed Canterbury bells, scattered over top of what is most definitely an ocarina. It's wooden and painted a rich, dark green. The craftsmanship is not flawless, but it is decent; it makes sound if blown into, at least. Cradling the ocarina is a white handkerchief embroidered with a red cross, which is made much more skilfully than the little wooden instrument.

The handwriting of the letter is familiar, and meticulous as ever.]


Perhaps it is cruel. But if that is the case, then I must be of a truly wicked nature, for my own gratitude is certainly of no insignificant measure.

It is true that I have lived a rather long time and have seen many people come and go. However, though their time with me is often so comparatively brief, I keep close the people who have cared for me. Often, it is in times of war and great strife that a nation needs those people the most.

Two years is not a long time, but nations would fall in that time if not for people like you. Hyrule is very fortunate to have you, as am I. Truthfully, I would not wish to imagine a life here without you.

On the cloth is an approximation of the flag of my country. Though it will fade as the glamour does, I wish you to know that I will always consider you under my protection as I would one of my own people.

As for the second gift, I expect you know what it is. I hope you are able to find use for it.

Thank you sincerely for your kind words and your companionship. I shall not be forgetting you, either.

Yours truly,

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