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Patrick Dawn ([personal profile] bashfulshifter) wrote in [personal profile] sageprincess 2013-10-24 05:10 pm (UTC)

[A small note, immaculately written and folded in neat thirds, finds itself in Zelda's mailbox on the 15th of October. It reads: ]

Princess Zelda,

I talked with Enoch recently about helping with the organization you two are involved in. He said that I should contact you about joining.

[You know the one. Rick's decided that saying anything more specific might get them all in trouble, so he's trying to be vague--which he's never been very good at doing intentionally.]

I don't have any specific skills that I can offer, but if there's anything I can do, I'll do my best to find a way. I want to help. If your mission is still what I think it is, I want to help more than anything.


Patrick Dawn

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