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tohko_amano ([personal profile] tohko_amano) wrote in [personal profile] sageprincess 2013-08-20 11:54 pm (UTC)

Dear Zelda,

I've heard of The Master Sword before from Tetra..but while it's nice that the sword was trying to avoid having children use it, if you both were actively fighting against Ganon at that age, I probably just made things worse for you and everyone else with all the waiting. I'm sure the land and people suffered, and I know from books that young children can wield swords and be courageous if they have a goal in mind. You two certainly did.

However, it's good that Ganon is sealed. I do have one question though that's a bit unrelated to do the floods tie in with your world? Or is Tetra from a different timeline?


Tohko Amano, the book girl.

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