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Zelda ([personal profile] sageprincess) wrote 2013-08-05 09:18 pm (UTC)

still I am very gomen v_v;;


Again, I apologize. My silence on the matter what not because I do not trust you or Enoch, but rather because we had little time before the end of the month. Even if it was confusing, I was of the mind that any small amount of preparation was better than none.

As for my story, well, I must say it is not necessarily a short or pleasant one, but all right. I will start with the basics, and if you ask for further detail, I will elaborate.

I was born to the King and Queen of Hyrule just as a long period of civil war came to an end. The King united the various races of Hyrule, and there was peace for a time.

As a child, I possessed the gift of prophecy, allowing me glimpses into Hyrule's future in my dreams. One night, I dreamt of dark clouds covering the land, suffocating it. But then a green light shot out of the forest, parting the clouds and banishing the darkness. The light became a boy followed by a fairy companion, and I knew he was the key to saving my country.

The darkness represented a man I am sure you know, as he resides within these Tower walls as well. His name is Ganondorf Dragmire, and he is known as the King of Evil in my world.

I acted to stop him as best a child could, and I was soon joined by that boy from my dreams, but we were foolish children, and our actions led to him stealing a piece of a holy relic known as the Triforce, giving him unprecedented power. For seven years he ruled over Hyrule, and I was forced into hiding until the day the boy would return and seal the King of Evil away.

I hope that is a good start, at least.


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