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Zelda ([personal profile] sageprincess) wrote 2013-07-02 04:28 am (UTC)

Proper grammar version

Souls in our world are defined as the self. Even those without anything that can be considered a soul in their own worlds would manifest one here. Souls are extremely resilient - they can be torn out of their body and survive provided they are removed in the right manner. But they shouldn't be of course - the side effects might be disastrous in ways we can't quite understand. It's happened here before. Souls can be torn out of this world the same as in any other. Here though they can split - that's extremely important. They can split and merge if you have the right skillset. Never lose your soul in the Tower of Animus. None of yours are yet lost - but never lose it! They won't come back whole if you let her swallow them up. The power must have gone by now - she'll want to restore the tower. Everyone who ended up trapped on their own worlds is now in grave danger! She can't take souls as Zo can, but she can siphon them and she can squeeze all the energy out of them.

As soon as this message is decoded put it in as many places as possible! Put it on the network make copies and plaster them on the walls. Do everything you can so that as many people read this message as possible. There isn't enough energy to erase everyone's memories!

Remember - souls born here can be split and reabsorbed here. A soul born elsewhere can be split there, but there's no way to put it back together unless you can put it back where it's supposed to be. Not everything is as fake as it seems.

Your souls are here and you have all been drugged to keep certain aspects of yourselves contained but every part of you is here. You can use that against them if you can figure out how to unchain yourselves. I'm afraid you ll have Jason as your first opponent as he's the one with the keys. You need be careful there is information everywhere though much of it has been nearly permanently sealed. I can make it possible for you to access it, although you will all have to unlock it. Show this paper to the terminal cameras once it has been decoded.

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