sageprincess: (Spirited faith)
Zelda ([personal profile] sageprincess) wrote 2012-08-01 05:49 am (UTC)

[At last, there's a party at Lon Lon Ranch and just about everyone in Hyrule is there. Hylians, Kokiri, Gorons, Zoras, even Gerudo - everyone has come together to celebrate. Music and cheerful conversation ring out over the field, and it's impossible not to feel the aura of utter happiness and joy that fills the dream.

But that's not all; take a closer look and one will notice that there are some party goers that are definitely not from Hyrule in attendance. In particular, a stoic blonde woman stands off to the side, drink in hand; a friendly red-headed witch toys with magic lights around the bonfire; and a cheerful teenage girl dances and sings to a band no one in Hyrule has heard of, eventually dragging Zelda herself in to dance as well.

Around the edges, shades of others that Zelda has met in the Tower can be found, though they lack the same kind of clear definition the three women have, and will be replaced by their true counterpart should they come into this dream.]

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