Canon is The Expanse

May. 28th, 2017 03:51 pm
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This is spectacularly bad idea, and trust me, I've seen my share of bad ideas lately. I don't know what you hope to achieve where anywhere y'stick me will have that itty bitty issue of me strugglin' with gravity. And no, that ain't cute.

Think about this.

Area Unlocked: Radiation Zone

May. 28th, 2017 12:44 am
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On day 242, when everyone may be busy with other matters, someone crosses through a gate. When they do, a new application appears on everyone's tablet: A Geiger counter. When opened, it notes that it has been adjusted to only respond to dangerous levels of radiation--after all, most of the town is covered in the stuff, so it makes sense to only worry about the radiation that the scrubbers in your body can't scrub quickly enough.

The Geiger counter app works as follows: When active, it displays radiation not in terms of numbers, but in terms of three danger levels: green, yellow, and red. Green is its default state. Yellow is dangerous but probably safe enough to stay in for a night. Red is too dangerous to stay in overnight. For example, all "outdoor" areas of the radiation zone are red.

It may not be immediately obvious why this application is here, but eventually it will become clear that the radiation zone has been unlocked. Another series of tunnels made out of collapsed rubble, snow and ice, its enclosed nature makes it less impacted by changes in weather. It's dangerous to stay in the wrong parts of this zone for too long: the scrubbers can't keep up, and you'll suffer from the effects of radiation poisoning. Most of the buildings you'll find will be safe enough, but don't linger "outside" more than you have to. Hopefully you can get through this area quickly.
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[This message is SEMI-CLOSED to anyone with access to the Shadownet - a text only app created by Winter. Winter is an NPC that you'll read about in the Survival Guide, but the basic primer is that she's a Russian AI who has been periodically contacting the Snowblind characters and trying to help them to some extent. She has been encountered in multiple events and aided characters in making private messages actually private.

Please see this post about Shadownet distribution. You can contact Ecks' ([ profile] yawningdodo) mun about figuring out how to get your character a copy, if you're interested. These are also characters who currently possess Shadownet. Anyone traveling with these characters will likely be able to read messages on Shadownet through their travel companions.]

Winter, I don't know what's going on, but we're turning into anomalies again. And the anomalies that were following us before, they're back. Please, I don't know what you can do about this, if you can even connect, but I'm losing who I am. I don't think I'll be able to talk to you before very much longer. If you can access the network, we need help.

The Admin and Mr. Miller aren't saying anything, there's just static. I'm just trying to get away from people who still have their lights. But that's not going to be enough for very much longer if I lose my head.
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Why the hell am I here?

You think on the night before the biggest race of the year is a good time to take me away from work and force me to talk to people.

And this username isn't funny.

Event: No Light, No Light; Part Two

May. 27th, 2017 10:23 pm
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The transformation continues on day 243. It may or may not complete by the end of the day, depending on how quickly you happen to personally be changing, and it's harder and harder to think straight. There's the distinct knowledge you're losing your grip on your normal personality, which may be worse than the sudden transformation and chaos the last time this happened.

There are new visitors, though, or rather old ones: everyone will see their anomaly companions again--the ones they have seen once before, and perhaps twice. For those transformed into monsters, however, the anomalies don't look like anomalies at all: no, they look exactly like they're supposed to. If asked, well, they just borrowed your light. You weren't using it, right? Even if it was stolen by someone else, it seems like it's ended up in the hands of the anomaly. They follow close behind whoever they're attached to. For the most part, they ignore anyone else, though they may speak if addressed, and will recognize others from their home.

Those who aren't monsters have their anomalies back as well, but they see their anomalies rather differently. Sometimes they're the warped monster versions of themselves, always following but never attacking. Most of the time, however, they're a horrific Frankenstein's monster: a combination of body parts known and unknown, stitched together in the shape of a human. You always recognize at least the head, though: the head is always the person you remember, the one the anomaly becomes when it looks like a monster. Sometimes there are other recognizable parts. Sometimes those parts are from others from home that you remember.

These anomalies follow but do not attack. They will speak similarly to how they did in the last event, asking after lights. However, sometimes they sound like other people. It could be someone else you recognize, or it could be someone completely unknown to you, though it always seems to be associated with one body part or another. Maybe someone else in town recognizes this version of them--or maybe they don't.

In the case of the anomalies attached to a character who is not a monster, you may play them as the character they were before, but you may also play them as other characters who aren't here. These can be from your canon or not, but please ask before using characters from a canon in-game. A blanket permission post for canon permission has been provided here; please clear it with the rest of your canonmates before replying to this. Anomalies following monster characters act very similarly to their normal selves for now, though there's something... Off...

Characters who have their light will see all anomalies as stitched-together monsters, while characters who are turning into monsters will see all anomalies as either one person (in the case of other anomalies belonging to monster characters) or the monstrous anomaly version (in the case of anomalies belonging to characters who have their lights).

Unexpected Muse springs to life!

May. 27th, 2017 11:28 am
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Good morning, Mun! ..... It is morning, isn't it? Technically? Well, let's just go with that, okay? I'm happy to see you're taking me out. I knew you were a sucker for my character type, given some of the others I came across in your headspace.

I'll let you be lazy for the next couple of days, but when Summertime comes, oh man am I gonna badger you! I want a game to play in. I need a game to play in! After so many indulgences of my imagination, I'm super interested to see if the real fantastical, spectacular stuff out there matches up! [Giggles]

Oh yeah, don't worry - I'll be fine! I've survived as many dangerous and potentially fatal situations I could think up, so I don't get why you're so hung up about the idea of me meeting some sudden, tragic end! Sheesh!

Vince misses his best friend

May. 27th, 2017 01:51 pm
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It's just... not fun without Howard. Yeah, he's weirdly into jazz and turtleneck sweaters but there's no way I'm going to just ditch him and be best mates with anyone else! Not even if they've got a better mustache than him.

My hair's gone all flat and lifeless too. I feel weird! It's not right to muck about without Howard.

Without Howard I'm nothing. Just a pair of great cheekbones. [Yeah, he's a bit sad.]
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I'm sure I could handle anything you decided to put me in. [ he gives a strange laugh. ] Hell is nothing when you've already been through it. It's just a new kind.
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Characters: Jim, Zell, Zack, Kunsel
Location: Industrial Zone
Date: 242 - 244
Summary: Event happenings.
Warnings: Existential angst...?

Read more... )

[log] unlikely companions [closed]

May. 26th, 2017 03:48 pm
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Who: Billy, Alphonse, and Dorian
Where: House 240
When: Night of 242
What: A meeting
Warnings: None

Shelter from the storm )
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You forget me for a few years, then drag me back. It's been two since the last time I was around. [He would be irritated, but it's been refreshing being out of his Mun's crosshairs of pain. Morrison hasn't been that fortunate, but that wasn't Dark's problem.] Even after fourteen years of first dragging me into your nightmarish mindscape, you're still sentimental as hell.

[A pause, then a snort.]

Your attention span could put overworked switches to shame. I'd say 'find someone to play me with' to get your muse back so I'm not just gathering dust with the rest of the poor fools stuck in your head, but I feel like that would end in tragedy in more ways than one on my part.

[He's been around the block and through the grinder too many times to be hopeful that his Mun wouldn't throw him to the wolves purely for the angst.
His Mun may argue that, but Dark knows better. Goddesses, even all the angst and pain is nostalgic at this point. He was going mental.

At least bring an apology gift basket the next time you decide to pull me from the confines of your mind after years of radio silence.
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I am not looking for her.

I have too much death to plan for to concern myself with such small things.
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I don't ask you for a lot but I'm going to ask you for one thing.

I want someone there for this next race. This is the biggest race of the year and with all of the bad things that have happened leading up to it I want -- I need somebody to be here right now.

I haven't seen Connor in a month. And Michael, I don't know, I guess he disappeared again. But I can't do this alone anymore. I can't keep all this in anymore. I'm asking you for help.

[She's scared and sad. But then she hears what else the mun has in mind and her head snaps around.]

That other thing you're thinking of doing?


Okay, so I'm asking you for two things.

Voice testing this charmer....

May. 25th, 2017 04:23 pm
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Hey it's about time that you let me out!


I'm Michelangelo, also known as Mikey, and I have to get over my horrible shyness haha. I noticed that the ninja turtle tag hadn't been used on here in a while so I decided to pop in and liven things up a little! Now that I'm here, the party is officially started!

So where are we going? Memes? Games? I'm so ready for some adventuring. Bring it!

May Activity Check

May. 25th, 2017 03:34 pm
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It's activity check time! In order to pass activity check, you need twenty comments across a maximum of four threads during this month. You also need to have posted to this month's HMD, so if you haven't done that, go ahead and do that now! If you wish to take a strike, you have to reply; anyone who doesn't reply at all will be put on the warned list and, if they don't reply to that, then be swept. Anyone currently on an officially posted hiatus is exempt from replying.

Additionally, some people will need to report their exposure effects. If you apped in during the most recent application cycle or presented us with an exposure effect last activity check, you do not have to do this. That's next month for you guys. And, of course, if your character's beacon is on, they're safe for a few months. To let us know about this, it has been included on the activity check form. If it's not relevant to you this month, you do not have to fill this section out.

You have until 11:59PM EST on May 29 to reply to this; after this, a warned list will go up and anyone who is on that list will have until the end of the month to reply to that with either activity or a request for a strike.

The following characters have outstanding strikes:
Steve Rogers ([personal profile] fiteme) - must pass May AC
Zidane Tribal ([personal profile] tidalflame) - must pass May AC
Hugo Vasquez ([personal profile] 24karat) - must pass May and June AC
Dorian Pavus ([personal profile] whiteknightnecromancer) - must pass May and June AC
Harley Quinn ([personal profile] loveismadness) - must pass May and June AC
Death the Kid ([personal profile] equal_shots) - must pass May and June AC
Mary Watson ([personal profile] agravating) - must pass May and June AC

To fill out your activity check, just fill out this form and reply to this post:

That Netflix teaser

May. 24th, 2017 11:01 pm
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Getting ahead of yourself again, aren't we, lad?

[A warm laugh. Mun's rather giddy at what they watched. Trevor's actually pleased in a surprisingly serene way.]

Well then. T'will be entertaining, at the very least.

[log] No sheets were given [open]

May. 24th, 2017 06:08 pm
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Characters: Castiel, Ecks, Jim, Kunsel, Zack, and Zell.
Location: 262
Date: 240 (Evening)
Summary: Delivery and hanging out.
Warnings: Ecks' fashion, Sad Losers, etc...

Read more... )
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Characters: Royce Melborn, Alfie Solomons
Location: Building 141
Date: Day 242, morning
Summary: Both boys are monsters, figuratively and literally.
Warnings: Body horror, possible gore, warnings for other things in subject headers

Read more... )
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Uh, hey everyone.

[Someone sounds sort of sheepish, mostly to hide the distress that comes from being on the receiving end of being revived.]

I wish I could say that I'd died doing something really worthwhile to help out, but I didn't, it was an anomaly. But I'm-- I'm okay now, I can't even figure out what I've lost. I've tried thinking through all my life but none of my memories seem to be gone, and I've still got all my senses, and I still look like me. I'm kind of scared that there isn't a cost, that would mean they're getting more powerful. Maybe they even have a bigger stone? Maybe they've sacrificed more people?!

[There's a brief pause, and then a more subdued voice continues.]

Okay, so-- maybe I figured it out after all, please forget what I said then. I didn't mean to talk about it so publicly where anyone could hear, especially not when the Admin really might be using philosopher's stones to resurrect people!

[Damn it! Again!]

I mean... I don't think I can lie, and it's like I'm just speaking without getting to think about it first, which is really awkward! What if I end up having a conversation with someone and I don't want to say something to them, and it comes out anyway? What if I tell Steph that I think she's really pretty? OH! Oh no...


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