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Zelda ([personal profile] sageprincess) wrote 2013-08-11 08:29 pm (UTC)


[Her initial reply is simple, awkward, without her usual eloquence. Because for all she deliberated over what she could do for the boy, how to go about doing it slipped her mind. Her hands wring the headband in her grasp for a moment, but she looks more uncertain than anything.

After a moment of tense silence, she eventually kneels, folding her legs under her as she brings herself down to America's eye level.]

I know... last month was hard on you, so... I wanted to help you, if I could.

[Augh, this is coming out rougher than she thought it would, but it's not like she can just stop and rehearse her speech now. Chewing on her lip, she flips the headband around, showing America its "face."]

You see, a long time ago, a friend of mine gave this mask to me when I was scared, as a way to cheer me up. ... I do not need it much anymore, so I thought maybe you would like to have it.

[She can feel the urge to ramble swell in her chest - explaining how it's a popular mask in Hyrule and it represents kindness towards animals and isn't it cute? - but she bites her tongue and waits for the child's reply.]

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