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Zelda ([personal profile] sageprincess) wrote2013-08-10 10:16 pm
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mask trading sequence

Characters: Zelda and baby America
Format: Action
Setting: Floor 25, after Idealism but before July 4th
Summary: Zelda attempts to cheer up a child.
Warnings: None

[Staring into beaded eyes, the Princess runs a thumb across the soft fabric of the headband in her hands as she navigates the winding staircase. Though she did not respond to it - too aghast with horror to even be able to think of a worthwhile response - Zelda did see America's apologetic network post. At the time, she could not think of anything she could do, and given Arthur's distancing behavior, she wasn't even sure if there was anything she could do.

But then, a memory struck her as she sorted through her trunk this morning - one of a boy comforting her during a thunderstorm long ago with a cute little mask. Perhaps she could pass on that cheer. She's certain the boy wouldn't mind.

Thus is how she came to arrive at the meadow, Bunny Hood in hand. America is a little difficult to spot among the flowers, given his stature, but she locates him soon enough and approaches cautiously. The last thing she wants to do is startle or upset the child.]

... America?

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