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So, for my memory's sake, I'm gonna make a bit of a list for the various dreams Zelda's going to have during this plot. Feel absolutely free if you want your character to crash in on one of Zelda's dreams, or if you want her to jump into one of yours!

  • Description: Zelda will take the form of the goddess Hylia in this dream, though oddly enough, her features will shift between the two from time to time. She will be locked in battle with an amorphous being of darkness, one that exudes hatred, using light-holy magic to keep it at bay and protect the land and people around her. The battle seems to rage without end, with neither side able to destroy the other. If others assist her, HyliaZelda will finally overcome the cloud of darkness, sealing it away. But in doing so, she suffers terrible injuries, and having exhausted herself in the battle, she cannot heal them. HyliaZelda makes one last prayer to "the Golden Ones," shedding her divine immortality in order to reincarnate as a mortal girl - one who would be able to use "the Golden Power" to end Demise once and for all.

    Of note, everything in this dream seems very hazy and unfocused, like the dreamer herself can't quite picture everything clearly. In fact, those sensitive to heart/mind/spirit shenanigans might notice that while Zelda's heart and spirit are clearly within Hylia, her own personal memories and mind are not.

  • Major Themes: Light vs. darkness, endless battles, protection, divinity, mortality, reincarnation

  • Possible Dream Sharers: Ventus, AU Ryoji

Ocarina of Time Ending
  • Description: Basically this, on to the part where Zelda sends Link back in time. Since this is Zelda's memory, the first battle with Ganondorf will be seen in a pinkish sort of hue, as she could only watch from inside her crystal prison during that.

  • Major Themes: Final battles, conclusions, goodbyes, regrets, atonement

  • Possible Dream Sharers: FemLink, Momotaros

Sleeping Heroes
  • Description: Zelda will take the form of Sheik in this dream. Rather than being a specific memory, this dream is something of an amalgamation of Zelda's experiences during the seven year timeskip in Ocarina of Time. All of Hyrule (sans Ganon's Castle, of course) is accessible in this dreamscape, but the world is perpetually dark, like storm clouds are going to roll in at any moment, and there's a distinct undercurrent of anxiety and loneliness running though the world. Being on the run in your own kingdom tends to foster those feelings, after all.

    But should one find their way to the Temple of Time, those feelings of anxiety will ebb away into a solemn sort of peace. This place is clearly a sanctuary. Sheik resides in the back-most room, sitting in the shadows near an empty pedestal. Waiting.

  • Major Themes: Shadows, waiting, missing friends, being alone?

  • Possible Dream Sharers: OU Riku, Hei, MM!Link, Ruler/Jeanne

  • Description: TBA

  • Major Themes: Inability to take action, confinement, seeing suffering without being able to change it

  • Possible Dream Sharers: OU Xion


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I would like to see Hei share the Sleeping Heroes dream, and Asakim Dowin to share the Hylia one.
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For Hei, the dream sounds like the perfect place for him to allow his thoughts to cool down from the worries he has with his current life. After that, maybe some CR? Still a tad bit unsure how the dreaming works really.

As for Asakim, he would most likely try to remember being Masaki, his good self, but more likely to also mock all of it and wonder about what he saw.
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Gotta subtract Asakim since he's been dropped. Sorry, but Hei is still available.