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How's my driving? Am I doing this princess the justice she deserves? Feel free to leave me concrit and I'll do what I can to improve!
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Characters: Zelda and baby America
Format: Action
Setting: Floor 25, after Idealism but before July 4th
Summary: Zelda attempts to cheer up a child.
Warnings: None
giving a rambunctious child an item that increases their speed is certainly a good idea, right? )
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Characters: Zelda and Ruler; Zelda and England (and maybe Ruler again)
Setting: Floor 101; Cafeteria
Format: Action
Summary: Zelda and Ruler forge a contract, and Zelda prepares for June with liquid courage.
Warnings: Second-hand embarrassment for Zelda and England, whoops.

and unbreakable bonds )
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Trunk post-Monstro's Revenge
      x3 outfits
      x1 Sheikah disguise
      x1 Bunny Hood (gift from MM!Link) (given to America)
      x1 book of Hyrulean legends

Items on Zelda's person during Monstro's Revenge
      x1 outfit
      x1 Ocarina of Time
      x1 Royal Family Harp
      x1 Narya, Ring of Fire (gift from Gandalf)

Gifts post-Monstro's revenge
      x1 Mask of Truth (gift from MM!Link)
      x1 Mirror Shield (gift from MM!Link)
      x3 bottles, one containing a fairy (used on FemLink during Shadow Event), one containing a blue potion, and one containing Chateau Romani (gift from MM!Link)
      x1 Stroke of Midnight Keychain (gift from Ventus)
      x1 fancy duvet (regain)
      x2 pouches of 40 Deku Nuts (regains)
      x1 elven long knife, roughly 22" in length (gift from Legolas) (second knife was ruined during the massive infiltration)
      x1 pirate coat, worn (gift from Tetra)
      x1 Joy Pendant (gift from Tetra)
      x1 floral hairpin (gift from Feferi)
      x1 box of microchips ("gift" from Dax and R-037)
      x1 gas mask ("gift" from R-037)
      x1 bottle of red potion (regain)
      x1 Turk pin (gift from Reno)
      x1 painted map of Hyrule (regain)


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So, for my memory's sake, I'm gonna make a bit of a list for the various dreams Zelda's going to have during this plot. Feel absolutely free if you want your character to crash in on one of Zelda's dreams, or if you want her to jump into one of yours!

  • Description: Zelda will take the form of the goddess Hylia in this dream, though oddly enough, her features will shift between the two from time to time. She will be locked in battle with an amorphous being of darkness, one that exudes hatred, using light-holy magic to keep it at bay and protect the land and people around her. The battle seems to rage without end, with neither side able to destroy the other. If others assist her, HyliaZelda will finally overcome the cloud of darkness, sealing it away. But in doing so, she suffers terrible injuries, and having exhausted herself in the battle, she cannot heal them. HyliaZelda makes one last prayer to "the Golden Ones," shedding her divine immortality in order to reincarnate as a mortal girl - one who would be able to use "the Golden Power" to end Demise once and for all.

    Of note, everything in this dream seems very hazy and unfocused, like the dreamer herself can't quite picture everything clearly. In fact, those sensitive to heart/mind/spirit shenanigans might notice that while Zelda's heart and spirit are clearly within Hylia, her own personal memories and mind are not.

  • Major Themes: Light vs. darkness, endless battles, protection, divinity, mortality, reincarnation

  • Possible Dream Sharers: Ventus, AU Ryoji

Ocarina of Time Ending
  • Description: Basically this, on to the part where Zelda sends Link back in time. Since this is Zelda's memory, the first battle with Ganondorf will be seen in a pinkish sort of hue, as she could only watch from inside her crystal prison during that.

  • Major Themes: Final battles, conclusions, goodbyes, regrets, atonement

  • Possible Dream Sharers: FemLink, Momotaros

Sleeping Heroes
  • Description: Zelda will take the form of Sheik in this dream. Rather than being a specific memory, this dream is something of an amalgamation of Zelda's experiences during the seven year timeskip in Ocarina of Time. All of Hyrule (sans Ganon's Castle, of course) is accessible in this dreamscape, but the world is perpetually dark, like storm clouds are going to roll in at any moment, and there's a distinct undercurrent of anxiety and loneliness running though the world. Being on the run in your own kingdom tends to foster those feelings, after all.

    But should one find their way to the Temple of Time, those feelings of anxiety will ebb away into a solemn sort of peace. This place is clearly a sanctuary. Sheik resides in the back-most room, sitting in the shadows near an empty pedestal. Waiting.

  • Major Themes: Shadows, waiting, missing friends, being alone?

  • Possible Dream Sharers: OU Riku, Hei, MM!Link, Ruler/Jeanne

  • Description: TBA

  • Major Themes: Inability to take action, confinement, seeing suffering without being able to change it

  • Possible Dream Sharers: OU Xion


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January, 2012;

     --Intro post; In which Zelda is kidnapped. Again. At least she's not alone this time?
          (Dark Link, Samus Aran, Nina Fortner, Minato Arisato, Fem!Link, Riku)

     --That's him. That's the boy she sent back.

     --Hylian-Troll Cultural Exchange Program.
          (Neophyte Redglare)

     --...Please stop bowing.

February, 2012;

     --Event post; The Midnight Game
          (Fem!Link, Erik Lensherr, Namine, Nina Fortner)

     --In which Zelda is utterly confused and Ghirahim is fabulously furious.


     --CORPSE PARTY-- hello, PTSD, how are you doing today.
          (Minami Arisato, Willow Rosenberg)

     --In which Zelda has a Wind Waker induced breakdown.

     --Network - Chocolate event; Wow, rude, Ghirahim.

     --Chocolate event; CREEPY STALKER CHILD NOOOO.

     --Network post - Chocolate event; Having an alter ego is really useful in times like these.
          (WW!Link, Samus Aran, Fem!Link)

     --Chocolate event; NO, BAD SMASH SISTER, DO NOT BE A SADIST.
          (Samus Aran)

     --And then WW!Link wasn't creepy anymore.

     --Zelda: THE ANTI-TROLL.

     --A much needed Feelings Jam with SS!Link

     --Event post; Hitori Kakurenbo

March, 2012;

     --Log post; Heroic BSOD is a go.
          (WW!Link, Fem!Link, SS!Link, Samus Aran, Minami Arisato)

     --Sorry, Pipit, kind of caught her at a bad time.

     --Best descendant.

     --There you are. (AKA, guys you're not fooling anyone with that "best friends" routine)
          (FemLink, SS!Link later on)

     --Oh, hi, Ganondorf. GIANT FIGHT THREAD GO.
          (Ganondorf, Tetra, WW!Link, FemLink, SS!Link, Ghirahim. In one thread. Yeah.)

          (Minami Arisato)

     --Foooood. And fairies.

     --DAMMIT, SS, WHY CAN'T YOU KEEP YOUR LIMBS-- sleepover???

     --New roomie, get.
          (Klara Saburov)

     --Poor girl.

     --Network - Collar event; No way, Minami wouldn't just kill someone! ... Would she?
          (Ken Amada)

     --Collar event; Obligatory "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE" attempt. It goes less than swimmingly.
          (Minami Arisato, Streganato)

          (SS!Link, WW!Link, FemLink, MM!Link, Tetra)

     --Another day, another derpy protag's heart going dokidoki at the sight of Zelda.

     --Riku without his blindfold and cloak? Curiouser and curiouser...

     --Time for a history lesson - this time from a more trustworthy source!

     --At first, everything went just fine...
          (Hero Zelda)

     --And then Hero Zelda nearly killed her totally platonic best friend.
          (FemLink, Aqua)

     --And the Princess of Hyrule was pissed.
          (Hero Zelda)

          (MM!Link, Samus Aran, WW!Link, Willow Rosenberg, Minami Arisato, Minato Arisato, Streganato)

     --She finds your lack of self-worth concerning, Riku.

     --+1 derpy blond protag.

     --Oh, no, I'm not an elf-- wait, you want me to do what?

April, 2012;

     --Log post; HELP HOW DO I MONARCH.

     --In which a bug macks on Zelda, and then they talk about gods.


     --Hylian-Elf Cultural Exchange Program.


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